I love customizing my desktop. And I never thought I could do this ti my office computer as well. Mainly because of Admin rights are required for most of the customization. The most important tool that I used is the Portable version of Rainmeter. Man, I was tweaking my desktop for weeks after learning that.

Another thing that I have to deal with was these tons of pre installed desktop icons. You cannot simply delete them or hide them in a folder, you still need admin access. Good thing I learned from someone that we can hide all the desktop icons.

On desktop, right click > view > untick "show desktop icons".

For my set up:

Portable Raimeter for customization

B'Loved by Bow-N-Aero for Icon Launcher


La Compagnie des Ombres by Milan for Clock - custom fonts installed in Skin folder


Planet Surface for wallpaper -